The Dip-San® Self Cleaning Brush System was developed to provide a totally hygienic alternative to the traditional toilet brush. Our product platform has been designed for both "at home" and a diverse range of "away from home" toilet environments such as hospitals, care homes, hotels, offices and schools. With floor standing, wall mounted and portable variations to choose from, Dip-San® provides a flexible and cost effective system to suit all cleaning regimes.


  • • Remove Brush
  • • Flush away used solution
  • • Fill reservoir with water to the top of the internal agitation ribs (see blue arrow)
  • • Add 20ml Dip-San® Cleaning Fluid (using dosing chamber on 1 Litre product)
  • • Replace brush
  • • Now ready to use

Recommended Refresh Rates

  • • In cubicle Dip-San® – weekly change
  • • Portable Dip-San® – change every 20 toilet cleans.

Cleaning Fluid Dosing Pack

Specially developed for use with Dip-San®, the foaming action ensures Dip-San® Cleaning Fluid has increased contact time with the toilet bowl during the cleaning process. Concentrate is coloured blue with a fresh herbal scent providing added in-cubicle air freshening. Standard 1 Litre pack (50 x 20ml doses) with measuring chamber to aid economical use;

Key chemical & environmental info;

  • • Deactivates MRSA, C Difficile, HIV, Hep B, C and many more
  • • Kills micro-organisms that give rise to unpleasant odours
  • • Classified as Non Hazardous – very low health hazard
  • • Contains only biodegradable raw materials, does not contain NTA, EDTA or HEDTA
  • • Very low environmental impact

Product & MSDS Information

Save money on cleaning chemicals

The Dip-San® toilet cleaning system is designed for keeping both brush and toilet in a totally hygienic state, no other toilet cleaning chemicals are required, other than those for lime scale removal purposes in hard water areas.

Top-Tip – Add 50ml of Dip-San® concentrate to a 750ml trigger spray and top up with water for cleaning toilet surrounds, sinks taps etc.

Design considerations

  • • The toilet brush is the same length as most traditional toilet brushes, however, it does sit 4 inches higher due to the internal reservoir feature.
  • • The integrated vessel lid on the brush contains the spring mechanism and provides additional protection from splash backs during the cleaning process.
  • • Vessel opening is large to help avoid the soiled toilet brush head making contact with the vessel rim and subsequent liquid dripping down the outer surface.
  • • Removable base is wide to provide stability to resist being accidentally knocked over.
  • • The addition of cleaning fluid in the reservoir provides a lower centre of gravity further adding to stability.
  • • Wall mounting option allows unhindered cubicle floor cleaning.
  • • Portable option allows hygienic transportation between cubicles during cleaning rounds.

In cubicle instructions