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Helping Facility Managers raise Hygiene standards and save money

A filthy toilet brush sends out poor signals to washroom users, reflecting badly on both facility and service provider. Worse still, risk of infection spread is introduced into our hospitals, care homes, offices, hotels etc.
Toilet Brushes are replaced when they start to look unhygienic, fact is they are bacteria laden after the very first use.

Hygiene – The Common Sense approach

The lack of guidance available to FMs on how to keep toilet brushes in a hygienic state has led to their ban in many facilities. Dip-San® can be simply added to any environment, providing much needed protection to both toilet user and cleaning staff alike.
A little common sense can go a long way to avoiding unwanted headlines.

Where is the saving?

Assume 50 cubicles in your facility, replacing toilet brushes every 6 months equals 500 over a 5 year period.
After 5 years, we guarantee Dip-San® will still be delivering a hygienic solution for years to come.
This represents a 90% reduction of toilet brushes being recycled, incinerated or sent to landfill.

Our only condition is that Dip-San® Cleaning Fluid is used, proven to be tough on germs but kind to our environment.

Product & MSDS Information

“Lowering costs? …but Dip-San® is a lot more than we normally pay for a toilet brush!”

Granted, Dip-San® is more expensive, however you only ever purchase once, not 10 times in 5 years.
Add to this, total control of cleaning chemicals required, the savings really start to compound.

20ml of Dip-San® Cleaning Fluid per unit on a weekly refresh or 20ml per portable Dip-San® for 20 cleans.
Trigger Sprays - add 50ml of Dip-San® Cleaning Fluid per 750ml water – ideal for taps, sinks and mirrors.

Take the Dip-San® Challenge – start raising hygiene standards and save money now.