Simple to Use

  • • After use, place brush back into holder containing Dip-San® Cleaning Fluid
  • • Depress handle/brush, dipping it into the reservoir of cleaning fluid
  • • Rotate brush handle in the down position, (bristles agitate against the internal ribs assisting cleaning)
  • • Remove hand, internal spring will return the brush to original position
  • • The brush is clean and ready for the next use

Simple to Refresh

  • • Remove Brush
  • • Flush away used solution
  • • Fill reservoir with water to the top of the internal agitation ribs (see blue arrow)
  • • Add 20ml Dip-San® Cleaning Fluid (using guide on label)
  • • Replace brush
  • • Now ready to use

Refresh Rate

  • • For optimum effectiveness, it is recommended that the solution is changed weekly.
  • • Each 250ml bottle of Dip-San® Cleaning Fluid will last approximately 3 months, changing weekly.

Save money on cleaning chemicals

The Dip-San® toilet cleaning system is designed for keeping both brush and toilet in a totally hygienic state, no other toilet cleaning chemicals are required, other than those for lime scale removal purposes in hard water areas.

Top-Tip – Add 50ml of Dip-San® concentrate to a 750ml trigger spray and top up with water for cleaning toilet surrounds, sinks taps etc.

Chemical use – Important

We strongly advise against the use of bleach based cleaning products with Dip-San®.
Use of this type of chemical product will corrode the Dip-San® spring mechanism, ultimately leading to failure.
In this event, the Dip-San® Lifetime Warranty will be voided.

We only recommend Dip-San® Cleaning Fluid, developed to be tough on germs but kind to our environment.